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Crusher plant Ownership

AFAC Al Khaldi Company is the owner of three (3) crusher plant located in Khusaniya, about 50 KM away from Al-Jubail industrial city.

Transportation and equipment Services

AFAC AL-KHALDI CO. is supporting client with various kind of industrial and commercial equipment and transport facilities with their own property.

Pipeline Construction & Modification

AFAC AL-KHALDI CO. is providing Piping and structural Fabrication, Infrastructure, Facility and Pipeline Maintenance.

Electrical & Instrumentation Works

Providing Operations and Maintenance Support.Instrumentation/Electrical Installation and Maintenance works.

Civil and Road Works

Civil services supports Construction of villas, apartments, residential. Industrial projects, office buildings, control room.

Plant Commissioning & Start-up

AFAC understands the importance of completing the work quickly and as such we work diligently with detailed planning to provide our clients a rapid ramp up.

Plant Maintenance & Services

AFAC Provides the production and maintenance improvement support. Support with qualified Planning Engineer / Supervisor/ Technician.